Create Jobs

Users create job posts for their tasks and chores. Users then read reviews and chat with pros to book the best professional.


Professionals are alerted of jobs within their skill sets and place bids on jobs they qualify for.


Professionals book jobs by placing bids or accepting instant bids.


Professionals can send targeted ads directly to those searching for their skill sets.


Limited Time Free Access For Businesses and Pros

Free targeted ads for a limited time

Fast And Secure Payment System

Badge System Supported By Background Checks


About The App

3B App matches you with the best professionals for your jobs, tasks, or projects. Create listings for services and let professionals find you. 3B App eliminates the chore of manually searching for professionals by automating the experience. Professionals undergo rigorous background checks and are assigned badges which are displayed on their profile to indicate their level of verification. Professionals submit bids for listings that are within their skill sets. Users then browse bids, view professional profiles, and read reviews to book the best person or team for their needs. 3B app is your go to to-do list solution.

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